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The battery is one of the most important components of any smartphone. It affects the comfort of using the device and its performance. Given the modern frequency of use of the phone, as well as its capabilities mean that the battery should be charged on average every dozen hours. It may happen that the battery in your smartphone will fail (e.g. flooded), will wear out or will be quickly discharged. It is worth knowing how to protect against this, and also what to do if it happens. See more:

Smartphone users most often decide to replace the battery when it stops working effectively, discharges faster and faster, and the charge indicator shows distorted values. Replacing the battery with a new one is more difficult in modern phones than in older models. In older models of smartphones or phones, battery replacement consisted of pulling off the back cover, removing the old battery and inserting the new one. In new smartphones, replacing the battery is a more complex operation and often involves the use of GSM service. When you need to replace the battery in your smartphone? Why should you do it? We suggest.

Lithium ion batteries

The most commonly used (installed) battery in modern smartphones is the lithium-ion battery. Manufacturers install them to provide users with the best performance and the longest possible working time of the device. Among the advantages of lithium-ion batteries are: small size, well-developed energy-to-weight ratio, no need to format them, and most importantly, they are easy to charge and recharge when needed. A key number associated with lithium-ion batteries is charge cycles. A charge cycle is a term of battery life that defines the state of charge of a battery from 0 to 100%. Currently, lithium-ion batteries begin to lose their capacity after about 300 charge cycles. This means that if you charge your device every day, your battery capacity can be reduced by up to half after a year, which will translate into time of use.

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When do I need to replace my battery with a new one?

The first reason that often suggests replacing the battery in the device is that the battery drains quickly and hence the comfort of using the phone is poor. To avoid the situation of not being able to make calls or use other features of the phone, it is necessary to carry a charger or powerbank with you and charge the battery frequently. 

A heavily used battery in your phone can "swell" over time and put pressure on other phone components. Visible signs of a swollen battery in your phone may be a deformed battery door or a pushed out, peeling display. The biggest problems with a swollen battery may be with the display, as in the worst case scenario the display may crack or the touchpad may develop problems.

Battery replacement cost

Despite appearances, the cost of replacing the battery with a new one is not a very expensive service. In GSM Telkom service to replace the battery ranges from 30 to 150 PLN. Price of a new battery should be added to the price of the service. In Telkom assortment ( online store) you can find replacement batteries for various models of phones and the maximum price of a new battery is 100 PLN. Replacing the battery in the device itself is not recommended, because it is a complex repair and often requires disassembly of additional components. The repair will also not do without special mounting glue and GSM tools. Therefore, the battery replacement service is best left to the appropriate service.


 A worn out battery in a phone is a problem that often gets smartphone owners. It is estimated that the battery in a smartphone should be replaced every 2 years. However, it may happen that the battery needs to be replaced sooner. If you need to replace the battery in a newer model of phone, it is best to entrust the repair to a trusted GSM service, which efficiently and professionally install a new battery. Telkom ( offer batteries for various models of phones can be found here. The new battery will allow you to fully enjoy the functionality of your device again, without worry and the need for frequent recharging of the battery.

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